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QIs it possible for one applicant to apply for more than one project under the same objective, ensuring of course that he has capacity?
AYes, it is possible. There is no restriction from this point of view as long as the applicant can demonstrate that they have the administrative and operational capacity and financial resources to do so.
QIs it possible to have a partner from other country, which is not located in the eligible territory of the Programme (e.g. Croatia, as this academic institution would have the best knowledge on specific project topic to be transferred to the HUSKROUA region)?
ADue to the point 1.6 “Programme area” of the Guidelines for the Applicants, the programme area covers 4 countries and NUTS III level equivalent regions. Eligible applicants have to have their headquarters registered in Hungary or Slovakia or Romania or Ukraine.
QDo I need to have a partner in each country?
AAccording  to the section 3.3 “Minimum requirements for partnership” of the Guidelines for the Applicants the partnership shall involve at least one Applicant from one of the Member States participating in the Programme and at least one Applicant from Ukraine, each and all satisfying the eligibility criteria for Applicants. Both partners should have budget in the project
QHow to find partners?
AIn order to find the partner the Programme website encloses a dedicated sections for finding potential partners “Financed projects database” and “Project idea database”. Moreover, you may consult  which is a comprehensive online database enclosing aggregated data regarding projects and beneficiaries of European Union cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation Programmes.
QIn case of unpaid recovery in the frame of the ENI CBC HUSKRPOUA Programme 2014 2020 Is the Lead Partner of the project is considered to be a debtor to the programme or the partner who actually owes the debt?
AThe particular partner organization from the financed project within ENI CBC HUSKRPOUA Programme 2014 2020 who did not pay the recovery amount is the debtor to the Programme and falls under exclusion criteria for partnership for the Interreg VI-A NEXT Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine Programme.
QCan the legal representative of the NGO, be part of the implementation team in the project?
AYes, the legal representative of the NGO, can be part of the implementation team in the project

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