When will the Interreg+ platform be available for testing for project submission? Is there a manual on submission in Interreg+ (or we use the prior version, available on https://huskroua-cbc.eu/documents/project-implementation-documents)? Do we need to make a separate account in Interreg+ for submission of project if we already have an account as Beneficiary of project under ENI HUSKROUA 2014-2020? Is JS planning to organize a training on submission of projects using Interreg+ platform?

The application module of I+ was launched on 26th of October, 2023. The user manual is also available on the Programme website www.next.huskroua-cbc.eu.

No separate account is needed. The same user account can be used on both Programmes, selecting different programming period is needed though (2014-2020 or 2021-2027).

Any related trainings will be announced on the Programme website in due time.