The land and/or buildings where the work will be carried out must be owned or used by the partner on a long-term basis – what is meant by long-term use?

In line with Annex B “Special stipulations on the ownership of land and buildings in case of projects having investment/works activities” to the Guidelines for the Applicants if the applicant implementing the works component already rents, or wishes to rent for the duration of the project and for subsequent operation, the land or building, the relevant rental contract must be annexed to the application, together with the declaration of the owner of the property that the owner agrees with the submission of the application to implement and subsequently operate the works component for at least 5 years after project closure. The rental contract must be stipulated for a definite period of the project implementation and no shorter than additional 10 years and it must ensure the exclusive use of the investment, according to the activities described in the application form and endorsed by the MC, during the implementation of the project and in the following 10 years In our case, long-term basis means at least 10 years.