Is it possible that supporting documents needed for application (Extracts from register, Establishing documents / Statutes or Article of Association, Copy of the Specimen of signature of the legally authorised representative(s) of all Applicants, Copy of all the Applicants’ approved and audited Annual accounts for the last closed financial year) be in copy (not original), and signed by legal representative, stamped, certified with “according to the original”?

Those documents which are named as “Copy of” in the List of the supporting documents can be submitted as suggested, however, is not an obligation to have it signed by a legal representative, stamped, certified with “according to the original”.

The rest of the documents should be scanned originals (meaning that the original documents have to be issued by the respective authority OR certified by a public notary/court, OR certified by the legally authorised representative of the respective Applicant meaning they have to be signed, stamped and dated by the person(s) authorised in the establishing document and/or in the specimen of signature to sign in the name of the Applicant organisation.)